Best gadgets you can buy in 2017

Best gadgets you can buy in 2017

In the last few years the world is full of varied innovations. New devices. People are devising various inventions, various novelties, aids. And all of us like it a lot. And we all want to have that. You can find, for example. various toys, mini USB fridges, multi chargers for phones, phones, televisions, cameras, etc.  Amazon, AliExpress, eBay are some of the sites where you can find various gadgets.

Now, we’ll give you some of the most interesting and powerfull gadgets for this year.

If you are a coffee lover..

Make a good coffee anywhere

With a Minipresso GR, you can pour high quality espresso anywhere on the go.  At under 1lb and 7″ long, it fits in your backpack, carry on luggage, glove box, or desk drawer. Pull amazing shots on your schedule, waking up or the craving just hits.

The Minipresso is hand powered.There is no electric cord, and no batteries are required. Never find yourself out of power out of luck. I  want a shot and I want it now!


0.8 LBS / 360 GRAMS


6.89 IN / 175 MM

Average pressure

116 PSI / 8 BARS

Water tank

2.35 OZ / 70ML

6 peices in all, including a scooper for measured extraction. Food grade plastic and BPA free. The GR model is for use with ground beans only, not coffee capsules.

or if you’re crazy about technology … it’s new very efficient stuff..

Master Lock Padlock, Bluetooth Lock, 1-29/32 in. Wide, 4400D

For this Bluetooth padlock, the only key is your smartphone. No need to worry about forgetting your keys or remembering the difficult combinations. Sharing your access with another person is easier only by using a different type of premonition. Check your history of locking and unlocking, and be remembered how much the battery will last. It comes with the free App and more faster unlocking sequence. Some spare power is providing your gadget with some more security when it is locked.

JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Speaker

This speaker is a mixture of visual and sound experience. With him one thing is surely easy, carrying it around. It provides you with 360° (whole circle) of sound and light. Wirelessly connected with phone or computer. Can make a sound more clear, and to synchronize sound with your colorful equalizer. Can connect up to two smartphones or tablets. Built-in battery lasts for a 12h of constant play. JBL is a pure quality brand from sound industry.


Let us summarize this theme as a common for this century. We met some new imaginative creations, fast technologies that can make our lives much easier than we used to have. Everything that is brought to us now is coming in the form of a small package but the same performance. Approaching with the reasonable price for average consumer can make your life turn around in some positive manner. These things can be useful as you are useful to them, and it depends if you feel familiar with these gadgets or not.

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