Reality TV influence is  everywhere

Reality TV influence is everywhere

Now in 2017 we have more reality TV than shows and movies. It is more popular and it is making more money to the studio to make another soulless TV show than to invest in a movie or a season of a quality TV show content. Good example of this are the Kardashian shows which are getting ready to enter their new (fourteenth) season soon. Just to clarify straight away, I personally have absolutely nothing againt any of them, It’s just that I firmly believe that the shows influence is not a good one.

It used to be something that you read in news pappers  but suddenly we are seeing it all over our TVs. And it doesn’t stop there! Not only that they have their own TV shows but they also have their video games for kids to play. A couple of them in fact.

The sheer popularity of these games can be seen by the number of download that some of these games have reached on specific mobile platforms. Lelt’s take Android for example where Kim Kardashian Holywood game has reached the astounding number of 10 million downloads to this day!

It has become so popular that the people have started competing withing the game and trying to become the best in it, like it’s some kind of a competition. There are even websites that offer some ways use cheats for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to get better in the game.

Up this point, the video games have at least been free of the televisions influence if we exclude superheroes and movies which Reality Shows (despite the fact that they advertise themselves as an equivalent) have never been and probably never will be even close to.

Games have always been (at least those for younger audiences which Kim’s game is clearly targeting) a constructing way for a young mind to get occupied and spend some time trying to figure out it’s puzzles and overcome the obstacle on their own. The end goal was also usually a noble quest to save the princess or the world even which, as cliché as it may sound to the adult ears, still has a positive  message to send to whoever is playing the game.

Nowadays it’s a matter of dressing in expensive, fancy and revealing clothes, sticking to the influential figures known for shameful acts and immoral concord. And the worst thing about it is that these ideas and philosophies are being freely promoted in something that is mostly consumed by the young children in their teen or even earlier life periods…

All of this is clearly making a negative impact on the minds of younger generations and it is something that we are yet to feel in the upcoming years unless we choose to say no to it while we still can.

The revolution begins with turning your TV off…

Future is now!

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