Is social media really ruining our lives

Is social media really ruining our lives

Depending on how you set your self-aware criteriums, that is how much social media can be destructive to you mentally. Strong and independent personality in social media nowadays is the characteristics of some executive officers that gives all sort of information to our lives in order to manipulate the great empty-headed masses. The social media is first born as a counter-intellignece factor during the industrial era in the form of newspapers. Center of attention now is on the TV media and Internet social networks. Let me give an example how it goes.

During the USA presidential elections, social media was the great X-factor for Donald Trump winning. Using the old school media from Clinton rally did not do any good because this is the era of Internet social media. Their mistake was that they did not get too much attention on modern life media so that is why they lost.

The majority of people that uses social media now are uneducated, especially if you are a parent not knowing the destructive things that lurk underneath that community. Big organisations and corporations use these media to find people that measure their interest. Non-government organisations also manipulate with peoples fears and insecurity, as a fake protector, they invite people to join their cause even if it is biologically bad for most of the individuals that participate in such a mass hypnosis.

Misinformation during the war is the main weapon of mass confusion. For a common man that is complicated story, and sometimes even for the professionals. Mostly used by the USA but not as efficient as Brittish MI6 and Israeli Mossad.

G eyes everywhere.

let’s look some positive sides of social media we use. The fast connection between two people that want to chat even if they are living across a couple of continents. Sharing some good news with the family you do not get to see often because they live far away. Even education now is a social media that can later be recognized when it is finished, with the regular diploma. In USA it is a positive thing that you can be a teacher to your kid at home, and not obligated to send them to schools. In that way you can not be influenced by a social media too much, but at the same time that child must be socialized with other people to know his way around later.

Believing in internet news and newspapers is a dangerous thing. You don’t have an independent news writer that is well paid and popular because corporations intend to use these resources to obliterate everything that independent speaker is talking about. It comes with the globalism and capitalism to be manipulative person and to misbehave.

The intelligence organisations use these news writers as field agents. They are also programmed by these institutions to inform or disinform public opinion. As fast the information goes, words absolutely have no significance after a short time.

live socialization is more natural and effective than electronic and mass social media. If you want to be a healthy man don’t use it too much.Because it can be a two-pointed sword if you don’t use it properly.


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