Why is iOS so much better than android

Why is iOS so much better than android

Is iOS better than android? Why is it better? and what are the differences? and does the price justify its quality? In this article, we will write about it.

They say that iOS has safer applications, it’s a safer platform, Iphone is worth more than used android, Iphone has more free space, etc.

Apple insists that iOS applications suit each apple model and be adapted for each iPad. With android, this is not the case because there are many phone manufacturers that use Android, and it happens that applications on the tablet only “stretch”. It’s also known that viruses are just blasting for Android. More precisely, 96 percent of the target virus is only Android. There is a small percentage that gets to iOS and they are very quickly removed, because Apple has a stricter application policy in AppStore. Even the director of android said that it was not designed to be safe but to be open. The apple user can get 60 percent of the phone’s price after a year and a half of the phone’s usage, while the Android user up to 40 percent. Which is not such a small difference. It’s certainly a better investment. It’s much easier to share information if you and your friends have an Apple device. The iPhone charger is incomparably better than a universal micro USB charger for Android devices. It does not turn out, it is impossible to turn it wrong, and therefore it’s a lesser chance that you will spoil the slot in which the charger goes. Apps for iPhone go out before Android on and look much better. Many popular apps are on both platforms, but most top apps and games still appear first for iOS.


And what makes Apple much better than Google is that the production line refreshes once a year (and rarely). Now, why is that good? Well, that’s good, because when you buy the latest iPhone, you know it will be the latest full year and there’s no better iOS device than that you hold in your hand. While HTC, Samsung, LG and other mobile phone companies, when they take out phones that are currently the best on the market, are likely to throw out a stronger and better device in a month and throw in foolish people who paid huge money to they had the best phone in the market.

We could write a long time on this topic. Do you agree with us? Many people who have crossed the iOS into android are thrilled and say that they would never return to android again. I believe them. The same case I experienced. Their elegant design and all this stuff we’ve listed. it’s irresistible and that’s all the facts. It’s our experience, and we hope for many other people too. We hope that this article explains to you what is the advantage of Apple? Apple is a company that really thinks about its customers and is trying to provide them with the best possible devices for work. And thank them for it!

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