Deadworld is not just a zombie story, it is a story of survival and human perseverance.  As the characters we come across struggle to adjust to this new world...this Deadworld...they find the nature of humanity as well.

And it isn't necessarily a pretty sight.  But in a real world (even one that is set in a fictional setting such as this), it is expected that not all humans will have the same agenda...and not all humans will instantly bond with each against a common menace.

Deadworld originated as a comic series that was originally published by Arrow Comics in the late 1980’s. The original scriptor was Stuart Kerr and the artist was Vincent Locke. Caliber took over the title with issue ten and Locke stayed on for a few more issues but his contributions became sporadic as we began to work on such titles as Sandman, American Freaks, and others.Illustration by Vince Locke

    The original series ran 26 issues before it ended. There were some mini-series featuring Deadworld such as The Dead-Killer saga (To Kill a King) as a major new character was introduced. Plus, there was a mini-series that featured some of the Deadworld characters crossing over into Caliber’s main fantasy title, The Realm. That series was called, appropriately enough, The Realm of the Dead.

    Caliber also ran some one shots that were set in Deadworld but didn’t feature any of the regular characters. These Deadworld Chronicles are not officially part of the Deadworld and do not fit into the storyline.

    A second volume of Deadworld was released and this series ran for 15 issues. After that, a few other issues featuring Deadworld characters came out such as the Daemonstorm-Deadworld crossover, the Tattoo series, and the King Zombie mini-series. It is yet to be seen how (and if) they will fit into the overall storyline of Deadworld.

Deadworld relaunched in 2005 from Desperado Publishing and Image Comics.

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