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The world is dying.  Somehow, the dead had come back to life.  What caused this, we don't know.  Some say it was a bacterial mutation from a scientific test that went astray...others say it was a military experiment gone wrong.  We've also had reports that it was some type of supernatural plague from another world or dimension.

Whatever the cause, the results are the same.  The human race is heading towards extinction.

Not much is known about the disease and we use the term disease rather loosely---but it serves the purpose.  We're not looking for scientific classifications here, there's no time for that.

It became evident soon after the onset of the diseases or plague that no one was equipped to deal with it.  After all, not only did the dead come back to life but the victims in turn, would become the walking dead.  The growth was exponential.

The National Institutes of Health, the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and all private and drug research institutes explored the causes and effects.

No one had an answer.

Many of us soon realized that traditional methods were useless.  We knew we had to forego the archaic and systematic methods and direct ourselves to a much more radical approach.

It meant that morality had to be redefined. 

It meant that some of us would have to be sacrificed for the common good.  I assumed that burden...the burden of deciding who lives and who dies.

But, and I hope the future will realize this, I did it for the human race, for all of us