A young man is born with a rare gift, the ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of others.  It is because he is what is called a "Sunday Child".  He can almost tap into the minds of others and judge their emotions, their fears, and their doubts.  But it is not a power that he can control...it just washes over him.

This is a tale of that young man plunged into a family of despair and secrets from years gone past.  He becomes an unwillingly participant in the poisonous lies and deceit that have invaded the house.

But then he falls in love with one of them.  And now he too, becomes part of the legacy of torment that plagues the house.

Told in a flashback sequence, old Isaac tells the tale of his youth as he sits outside the house, feverishly trying to capture his life on canvas.   He is accompanied by an un-named flowergirl who also was a victim.  She never speaks and Isaac struggles to understand her role in all of this.

It is a life of pain and lost opportunities.