"Abandon Hope....All That Enter Here!"

A man finds himself lost…

Until he is led into the very depths of Hell itself.

And he wonders, as he observes the terrible fates of the sinners…

…what could be in store for him?




EACH LEVEL OF HELL IS ILLUSTRATED BY A DIFFERENT ARTIST.  Galen Showman is the continuity artist that handles the scenes between the various levels.  Some of the artists included in Sinergy are:  VINCE LOCKE, MICHAEL LARK, JIM CALAFIORE, GUY DAVIS, DALIBOR TALIJAC, MARK BLOODWORTH, NATE PRIDE, DAVID MACK, PAUL KOWALSKI, and many others.  Sin Eternal is a compilation of the five issue mini-series, Sinergy, originally released from Caliber Comics with about 20 new pages.

Sin Eternal is more than just a re-tooling of the immortal classic, Dante’s Inferno. It plants itself firmly in the modern world and away from the political crimes that dominated Dante’s work. It brings a very basic questioning of the man’s faith as he witnesses some of the most horrendous punishments that could be exacted. The story covers the travels of the man who is sent to hell to examine the various torments and punishments that the sinners of Earth are forced to face each moment of eternity. From the slovenly gluttons to the fates of the suicides, from the heretics to the thieves, a variety of different levels are covered.

From the ferry of Charon, the man is taken into the very depths of evil. He must escape the giant creature, Minos to the swallowing jaws of Cerebus. From the Dance of the Harlots who abused love to the gluttons who are encased in solid gold. Witnessing the Heretics, imprisoned in furnace like cells to the Industrialists, those who are taken over by the very machines they created. Those who kill in the name of God are forced into an un-ending battle of mutilation which leads to the River of Blood with the souls of Idi Amin, Hitler, and Stalin washing the crimson onto the shores. The Maze of Eternity blends into a surreal world of mystic images and fallen idols until he finally reaches the very source of evil itself, the Devil. But its not the traditional view, because after all, Lucifer was considered the Morning Star…the beautfiul angel. All is not as it might first appear.

Basing the structure of the underworld on Dante’s classic epic, elements of Paradise Lost by Milton are also mixed in this story that transcends religious beliefs. Set up in the unique style found often in mythological literature, Sin Eternal approaches the subject matter delicately. The elements of the underworld have been brought up to present day to include modern crimes and de-emphasize the religious and political crimes that Dante based most of his torments on.

The man who visits Hell is designed as an everyman, one who witnesses the fates of the sinners so that he can govern his own choices in life.

The following is a list of the different levels of Hell that are explored in the pages of Sin Eternal. Some may be familiar to those who have followed Dante's Inferno but there are quite a few new additions and changes. The list is in order of occurrence:

  • The Opportunists
  • The Carnals
  • The Gluttons
  • The Hoarders and Wasters
  • The Wrathful and Sullen
  • The Gates of Dis
  • The Heretics
  • The Industrialists
  • The Self-Abusers
  • Inner Demons
  • Woods of the Suicides
  • Soldiers of Faith
  • River of Blood
  • Sowers of Discord
  • The Grafters
  • The Bolgias
  • The Hypocrites
  • The Den of Thieves
  • The Falsifiers
  • Maze of Eternity
  • The Giants
  • The Blasphemers
  • Realm of Ice
  • Dante's Devil
  • Devil's Guises

Each level of Hell is illustrated by a different artist.

Mark Bloodworth
Jim Calafiore
Guy Davis
John Dennis
Craig Gassen
Ken Holewczynski
Anthony Jillson
Dirk Johnston
Brooke Kowalski
Paul Kowalski
Michael Lark
Vince Locke
David Mack
Mark Masztal
Vatche Mavilian
Jason Moore
Troy Nixey
Nate Pride
Wayne Reid
Mark Ricketts
Michael Rogers
Dalibor Talajic
Kevin Thomas
Sean Van Briesen
David Verruni
Mitch Waxman
Mark Winfrey
Charles Yates