Spirit of the Samurai brings the saga and majesty of the famed samurai warriors to modern day as Katherine ("Kat") Anderson discovers she is the last in a bloodline for the famed Toho clan.  The Toho clan were the last guardians against the evil of the Clan of the Black Rings which could bring samurai back from the dead to serve them.  Kat and her brother were trained by her grandfather in the ways of the samurai but they never expected that they would have to bear the responsibility to wield the mystical swords of Toho and Hiro of the Black Rings.  Kat must assume the role of bearing the sword of Toho, the mystical heavensblade.

piderman, Star Wars conceptual artist)

Spirit of the Samurai is from  imprint of Komikwerks, ACTIONOPOLIS,  a  line of heavily illustrated prose books with adventure
stories aimed at young readers and created by some of the best writers and artists working in comics and animation.