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She is an operative for a special task force unit and the Seeker persona has become a popular icon for the American public.  Secretly, she is LeAnn Masters— a woman who wears the mantle of Seeker proudly for she understands that she is Seeker and Seeker is her.

But she's wrong.

Before her there was another Seeker...and before that...yet another...and another.

There has always been a Seeker.

They may look different.  They may "serve" different masters...but the role of Seeker goes beyond current day government, goes beyond operatives against other operatives.  The legacy of Seeker goes into the fabled past of a land that most don't believe exists.

LeAnn is the current Seeker and the former Seeker, Tracy LeMaster is locked up in a mental hospital because obviously, her story of being an incarnate of an ancient Atlantean force couldn’t possibly be true. The new Seeker is a popular icon figure in the battle against corporate crime and all the trappings of Atlantis are gone. The focus on the new series actually is not on Leann Heyward the current Seeker, but Maxine Brasura who unknowingly, is in training to become the next Seeker.

But when Tracy Lemaster escapes, she pledges to restore the name of Seeker to its rightful place and the frauds who wear the costume now shall pay for their desecration against the legend of Seeker.  Tracy is a dangerous woman and because of her assimilation of the present and the past, she is given a name that means the sum of all parts.  She is called Gestalt.

And she wants to kill Seeker.


The first issue of Seeker is an outstanding comic book. he writing is excellent and tightly plotted. Gary Reed writes in crisp, believable dialog and reveals details in both plot and characters with realistic, piecemeal timing. In particular, his characters are well developed within the limitations of one issue. You'll want to know more about them because you’ll know enough to care. Seek this one out. ---Michael Vance, Suspended Animation.  

Way cool. Lots of interesting stuff going on here.  Sophisticated and engaging, this shows that superheroes can still be done mature without being dark and messy.---Comic Reviews by Ron and Don.

I was blown away by this series.  I got the first issue to give it a try and that same day, I had to hunt down the rest of them to finish off the story.  I was mesmerized by the different layers going on here and what a shocker at the end!  I only hope that the series continues as Gary Reed can't leave us hanging like that---he just can't!---Hits and Misses